5 Offbeat Eyeliner Styles To Amp Up Your Beauty Game

Monika Khajuria

Change is the nature of the beauty game. Every year we see new trends coming in and the old trends fading away. But one element of our make-up that has always been constant in all this is the eyeliner. A clean swipe of black line across the eyes transforms your look and immediately lifts it up. Unfortunately, between the winged eyeliner and the classic single-stroke eyeliner, we do not experiment with different kinds of eyeliner styles. How we wish you knew you were missing!

A different take on the eyeliner can change the entire vibe of your look. That is why we urge you to take a break from your regular style and try these offbeat eyeliner styles that we have hand-picked for you.

The Inverted Eyeliner

The inverted eyeliner is an interesting take on the much-loved winged eyeliner. For a pro in winged eyeliner, creating this look is a piece of cake. All you need to do is create a winged eyeliner on your lower lash line as you would on your eyelids. This piercing look is perfect to sport with the edgy dress you cannot figure out the look for.

How to get the look

Start by lining your lower lash line using a dark black pencil. Now, extend the line on both the edges to create the winged-effect. For a flawless look, follow the shape of your eyes on the inner corner and try to extend your upper lash line. Go over it again until you are satisfied with the thickness.

Negative Spaces Eyeliner

Negative spaces eye make-up look gained a lot of hype a few years back. For those of you who do not know about it, it is a look that entails leaving a blank space(negative space) in your eyeshadow. A negative space eyeliner looks pretty cool too and works as the perfect smokey eyes for the lazy girls. It can be worn for any formal or casual event.

How to get the look

From the middle of your eyes, create a winged eyeliner. Once you have created the outline, trace it multiple times to increase the thickness and give it an eyeshadow look.

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Outlined Cat-Eye

Another take on negative spaces eyeliner, this look is not everyone's cup of tea. But, for those of you willing to experiment this eyeliner look provides the apt outlet. It looks edgy and the white shade adds to the mysterious nature of the look. You can, however, use the black eyeliner to create this look. It will still look exuberating.

How to get the look

Keeping the inner corner as the point of reference, start tracing the crease of your eyes. When you reach the middle, dip a little to create the winged look. Again from your inner corner, trace your lower lash line and join it with the line you had created before and you are done.

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The Flaming Eyeliner

This exceptional eyeliner look is highly dramatic and edgy but does a lot for your look. The best part- it can be created using just one product. And you do not need to do much after this eyeliner to stand out. Top it off with a subtle lipstick shade and a hint of highlighter, and you are ready to rock.

How to get the look

Create a regular winged eyeliner. From the outer edge of your eyes, start creating small wings around your lash line. To make it easier, you can also get these wing stencils from the market.

Double Strokes

This style of eyeliner is for those who are not comfortable with extreme looks but still want to experiment a little. It isn't as dramatic as the looks before, but you can't hide it either.

How to get the look

After you line your eyes, extend it a little on the outer edge. Then from the end of your lower lash line, create a line that runs parallel to the wing created before.

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