5 Places We Wish We Worked At

Rajendra Pal

There’s no better workplace we’d rather be at, then these 5 LIT ones:

Back in school, all we wanted to do was start working and now, those of us working, don’t want anything more than to go back to school and live a stress-free life. Waking up each morning and dragging yourself to work can be the most galling thing, nonetheless, few of the comic TV series can just make everyday situations at the workplace seem unbelievably humorous and indeed destress us in the moment! These shows not only entertain you but also want you to work in a workplace just like theirs!

There are countless shows that highlight the wonderful comic timing of characters at a workplace, but here are some of the most epic ones:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine
    When you’ll dial 911, the police officers of Brooklyn’s 99th Precinct will go above and beyond to solve your dilemma while they stumble over everyday challenges. With Characters like John Peralta, who just can’t seem to follow any rules and still be the best and Amy Santiago, who is always trying to be Miss Perfect, you’re bound to never feel like you’ve graduated high school. As a matter of fact, Andy Samberg (playing Jake) is a funny and hysterical person in real life too, something his parents discovered when he was still just an infant! It’s no wonder that he managed to carry out the role with such conviction! Catch all the drama on this surprisingly functional precinct on COMEDY CENTRAL at 9 pm every day.
  • Superstore
    While everyday workplaces are boring and drag on and on for hours, Cloud 9 is an eccentric Supermarket with some of the most colorful characters. Between Jonah, the clumsy guy in you can find in your office, Amy, the problem solver, Dina, the aggressive senior and Garrett, the sarcastic colleague, you will surely want to trade workplaces with them. Talking about his clumsy character in the show, Ben Feldman said, “If every episode was just me making a complete ass of myself in front of an audience while holding a microphone, I’d be in heaven.” Good thing he plays a role that enables him to do just that, isn’t it? Tune in to COMEDY CENTRAL at 10 pm on Thursdays for your weekly visit to the superstore (Season 5).
  • Bob Hearts Abishola
    While in real life you won’t come across that many workplace romances because obviously you have a code of conduct to follow, Bob Hearts Abishola is a new take on how love knows no bounds or rather loves follows no codes of conduct. It is unabashedly a sweet comedy about a divorced socks salesman who is a heart patient, Billy Gardell (Bob) and his Nigerian immigrant nurse, Folake Olowofoyeku (Abishola), where along with the ups and downs, the show experiences a ray of bloom which turns into a beautiful tale. The show entails a unique and unconventional love story between two highly unlikely people and yet they seem like the perfect couple. Watch the beautiful romance unfold with small bouts of humor on COMEDY CENTRAL on Tuesdays at 10 pm.
  • The Office
    With boring blazers and never-ending documents, who’d want to go to ‘The Office’? But this office is unlike those because Jim Halpert just can’t resist playing all those hilarious pranks! Whether it is him or Dwight Schrute, the socially awkward colleague he plays pranks on, there is always something that reminds you of your friends back in college. What’s more? John Krasinski, who plays Jim in the series, is a prankster himself and plays practical jokes on his friends from the industry. Suits the role perfectly, no? Watch them slay their boring 9 to 5 jobs with ease on Amazon Prime Video.
  • Younger
    It is 2019 and somehow, we find girls in school looking twice their age yet the women in the office look almost half their age. Looking younger is definitely a perk not all of us enjoy and fewer of us reap. This is why Liza, a 40 – year old single mother, grabs the opportunity to reboot her career along with her love life when she is mistaken as a 26 – year old. Her hilarious journey to adapting to the millennial lifestyle and learning the ‘Young’ lingo is treated to watch. Watch Liza struggle to blend in on COLORS INFINITY at 8 PM every day.

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