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Anand Kumar - Super 30 played by Hrithik Roshan: The much talked about film Super 30 will see Hrithik Roshan play the role of Anand Kumar. Anand Kumar is a real-life hero, the story of whom not many are aware of and that’s what the makers are intending to bring to the limelight. An acclaimed and accomplished mathematician, his most famous feat was his Super 30 program in which he trained economically backward background students to appear for IIT-JEE exams.

5 Real Life Unsung Heroes Whose Stories Will Soon Be Soon On Celluloid

Filmmakers in Bollywood are on a spree of making films on real-life stories, especially of those stories which are lesser known to the majority. The audiences have loved and accepted this genre of cinema as many known and unknown tales are making an interesting watch to for great cinematic content. Biopics have captured the eyeballs of many top-notch actors and filmmakers to step into the shoe of a character that is heroic in real life. Lets us look into some of the real life unsung heroes whose stories will soon be on celluloid who will be getting their dues through the medium of cinema.