5 Web Series Which Dealt With Marital Complications

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Usually in Bollywood, marriages mean that the protagonists are going to live ‘happily ever after.” However, with time, films and TV shows have started to tell more realistic stories, which means we now get to see not only the good, but the ugly and complicated side of the institution too. The second season of The Family Man is an example of this as we see Srikant and Suchi deal with their marital problems in couples therapy.

Here is a look at other shows that dealt with marital complications.

Made In Heaven

Zoya Akhtar, Reema Kagti and Alankrita Shrivastava’s critically acclaimed show Made in Heaven dealt with many issues, one of which was the complicated relationship between Tara and Adil Khanna. The couple has a seemingly perfect marriage which crumbles down when he is caught having an affair with her best friend Faiza. However, Adil and Tara still try to make their relationship work, only to realise there are other glaring problems in their marriage.

Taj Mahal 1989

Taj Mahal 1989 is an underrated show about the various faces of love. While there is a storyline dealing with young love, we also see a couple who have grown apart on their 25th year of marriage. While Akhtar Baig is preoccupied with his work and poetry, his wife Sarita feels lonely. However, she takes control over the situation by threatening him with a divorce.


Sushmita Sen’s comeback show Aarya might be a gangster drama with the actress in the lead, but it is also a glimpse on marriages which are formed on the foundation of lies. While Aarya is aware that her husband’s business does not entirely fall on the legal and moral grounds, she still doesn’t know really how much of a danger her family is in, until it’s too late.

Bombay Begums

This one deals with not one but multiple complicated and unsuccessful marriages. Rani has an affair with someone else, Fatima’s husband is insecure as she is senior and also has a stereotypical view of their future.


The Amazon Prime web-series Breathe is a story of a man who turns into a serial killer to get a donor for his son. On the other hand is a police officer who is trying to catch him. However, the show also deals with a married couple that is living a happy life until tragedy strikes.

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