5 Things You Should Never Tell Your Partner on Valentine's Day 2020

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Valentine's Day 2020 is finally here! The day of love is being celebrated for years now, with couples expressing their affection for each other and making them feel special.

While you must have planned how you'll be celebrating the day, be it going out on a romantic dinner or binge-watching your favourite shows, there are also a few things you should try and not say.

Your partner expects love and attention from you on that day. And even if they don't, how about making them happy? Here are the 5 things you should avoid doing/saying on Valentine's Day 2020:

"I don't like celebrating Valentine's Day"

Well, as much as this is totally ok if you don't, try and talk this out earlier with your partner, so that they don't feel dumped on the D-day. It is quite a possibility that they too enjoy some peaceful time on that day. But if you discuss this well in advance, your love and respect towards each other will only increase.

"You're better than... (the name of your previous partner/s)"

It's good that you do, but come on! No one likes having their love and affection compared to another person. It does not matter even if you are actually trying to compare for good, you should definitely steer clear from such a discussion.

Use old poems/pick-up lines

Using old songs to reminisce your love is fine, but don't overdo by using 200-year-old poems that no one likes to listen to. If you have time, you can even put on your thinking cap and write your own!

Making jokes on your relationship

It's very important to have a fun and healthy relationship with your partner, and that also includes you two laughing your heart out with each other. However, it's insensitive to make fun of the relationship, for example saying something like, "We would have never been together that day if you were not stupid in pursuing me, ha-ha!" No, please no.

Cancelling plans

Don't make plans in the first place if you think that you might have to cancel it. It's not at all enjoyable for your partner to wait for happy things all day, only to receive an "I can't come" message from you.

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