5 Times When NickYanka aka Nick & Priyanka Chopra Jonas Proved To Be Most RELATABLE!

Manjari Mukherjee

There could be a hundred moments, but here’s our countdown of when NickYanka, aka Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, totally became the most RELATABLE couple to us!

From their whirlwind of a romance amidst MET gala, starry appearances at award ceremonies and other instances to their awe-worthy wedding ceremony that looked more like a festive in itself to NickYanka now, celebrating their one year wedding anniversary! There’s so much to this couple from being starry to being goals to being ABSOLUTELY relatable at times!

Hence, this time we shall see all their coo-worthy relatableness, which is also goals-worthy, and how that just makes us want Priyanka-Nick’s whirlwind romance more:

1) Calling Nick Jonas ‘Babu’:

While we’ve got a whole new word called Babyu since the release of ‘Bala’, it is true that most cliche yet the majority of indian couples call each other ‘Babu’! Well, calling Nick Jonas ‘Babu’ might’ve got some to cringe, but who are we to judge when somewhere deep down we all dig nicknames that are absolutely cringe-worthy yet sweet!

2) Unconditional Support:

Every relationship is a give-and-take, this fact is best proven by NickYanka, from Priyanka giving her support to her hubby dearest at his concerts to cheering for PeeCee when her movies release or even something as small as an ad campaign! PeeCee and Nick share a warm and beautiful relationship that shows respect to not jist their achievements but also understanding of their work lifestyle!

3) Equal Levels of Weirdness:

OMG! Are they not weird enough alone, they are both a house on fire, together! They’re literally two weirdos that match each other’s level of masti and swag-worthy attitude! From posing like royalty to breaking out into total weirdness, they totally make it effortless and adorbs!

4) Respecting Each Other’s Cultures:

Priyanka Chopra LOVES India, Indian culture, her traditions and everything that she belongs too, she’s made us jist taht proud of her as well! Nick has understood PeeCee’s love for her culture and owned it as his own. From wedding traditions to celebrating Indian fests, and having the same being done by Priyanka, we get to see two beautiful cultures blooming under one space perfectly! That’s relatable yet goals!

5) Family Comes First:

For both Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas, there’s one thing that matters MOST- Family! From keeping Priyanka’s own loved ones close to him at all times, to loving each and every part of the huge Jonas famjam, Nick and Priyanka have it all sorted- family definitely comes first!

On that note, there’s only one thing we can say now, they might even be imperfect alone at times, but NickYanka will forever be absolutely perfect, together! We wish this beautiful couple all the love and togetherness, forever and more!

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