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H.R. Giger Museum Bar, Gruyères, Switzerland

Wonder what Jonah would have felt like when he was swallowed by the whale? All you need to do is step inside the H.R. Giger Museum Bar. This bar in Gruyères, Switzerland, has been modelled by artist HR Giger around the work he did for the popular ‘Alien’ movie. Arches of vertebrae of a prehistoric beast crisscross high up above to create a cavernous space inside a seemingly ancient castle. The effect is very otherworldly and makes for a fascinating location for a drink.

5 unique bars from around the world

There are bars and then there are bars that instantly transport you to another world. The bars on this list fall into the second category. Each of them is as a tourist attraction in their own right thanks to the ingenuity they display. Some are creepy, while others are whimsical or just plain fun. But all should feature on your bucket list.

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