5 ways dance can help you create a healthy work-life balance

Enthusiastic business people celebrating and dancing in office

Most of us live a sedentary lifestyle as we spend half of our day sitting on your desk in front of our screens, feeling body rotting away.

One way to keep our body moving is by dancing. Shiamak Davar, ace Bollywood choreographer, believes that dance is a holistic activity for the mind, body and the soul. “Using dance as a medium of physical activity and as a creative outlet helps in channelising energy in a resourceful manner,” he explains.

With dance acting as a stress buster, it can be a great way to disconnect from your work for a few minutes and and refresh your mind and body with some dance steps and a funky tune.

Shaimak Davar thinks that dance brings together people and can act as a socialising exercise in an office environment, “A lot of corporate companies invite my faculty members and instructors to conduct a workshop with the employees of their company during or post working hours to engage in a team building art form that helps them to stay fit.”

The celebrated dancer gave us a breakdown of how dance can keep fit and improve your daily corporate life struggles:

Helps in socialising: “Most of the time it is such that employees are caught up with work and small amount of time is contributed in spending time with colleagues. Dance sessions in corporate organizations build relations and provide a chance to engage with fellow colleagues.”

Team building: “Dancing is not just an activity or an exercise. It improves your body movements, frees you from negative thoughts and your relations with colleagues improvises too.”

Increased positivity in mind body and soul: “Music in itself is therapeutic. Dance is a physical version of what the music says. Good music goes along with good dancing which is a prominent way to be in a content state of mind. The teaching pattern has to be interactive and communicative that should ensure the learning process is fun and stress free. Dance has the ability to heal. For me, health is a state of mind and good living is a way of life.”

Increased focus and confidence: “Dancing builds confidence and reduces the stage fright. While practicing dance, an individual has several ways to express themselves without communicating verbally. This also increases self – esteem and develops an individual’s personality.”

Productivity and efficiency in work: “Dance reduces stress and helps one in releasing emotions. Dancing make us open to newer thinking, make us happy and allows us to express ourselves. Dance classes are mushrooming all across the country and I’m glad to see that many corporate are adopting it as practice sessions for their employees and it has grown so much.”