54-Year-Old Delhi Man Found Living with Rotting Corpse of His Mother for a Week

Buzz Staff
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In a case that is reminding many of the Alfred Hitchcock film Psycho, a 54-year-old man in Delhi spent a week living with the decomposing corpse of his mother after she died of natural causes. The incident occurred in northeast Delhi’s Usmanpur last week and was only discovered after neighbours found the body on Thursday.

The exact date of the woman’s death could not be ascertained by cops immediately. The level of decomposition, however, suggested that the woman had died at least a week to ten days ago. She had last been seen about ten days ago by her neighbours, Hindustan Times reported. The report also noted that the accused was unemployed, had been dealing with mental health issues and addicted to alcohol.

According to North-east Delhi police, the woman’s death had been caused by natural causes. He had two other children but was barely in touch with them and had been living with her 54-yeart-old son at the time of death. Police are investigating the death further for any signs of foul play.

The incident is similar to a case in 2015 when a man named Partho De was found to be living with the bodies of his deceased sister and two deceased pet dogs for six months in Kolkata. Police stumbled upon the discovery while investigating the death by suicide of Pratho’s septuagenarian father Aurobindo De who was found charred in the second floor of Partho’s house in June 2015. Further investigations revealed that Partho had been living for six months with the skeletons of his sister and two dogs. Psychological evaluations and forensic investigations revealed that Partho had been living with mental illness and had a distinctly disturbing family history, riddled with sexual meted out to him and his sister by the hands of his deceased mother.

While occultism was ruled out, investigators found that Partho’s sister Debjani had been a religious person and killed herself with a systematic cycle of fasting. Both Partho and their father watched her wither away but did not take her to the doctor, After the woman and the dogs’ deaths, Partho was said to have offered the decomposing bodies food and even sat at the same table to eat breakfast with them. In February 2017, Partho killed himself by setting himself on fire in the toilet of his then flat, just like his father.

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