6 Common Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

6 Common Symptoms That You Are Pregnant

Pregnancy means it is time for you to welcome a new member to your family. A bundle of joy who is going to be your center of attention. So, it is definitely a time to celebrate. But how do you know if you are pregnant? Since your body is going through so many changes, there are several different signs that connote you are going to be a mother soon.

To help you identify whether or not you are expectant, here are 8 common symptoms that you are pregnant.

1. Missing Monthly Menstruation

Missing your monthly menstruation can be one of the first symptoms that you are pregnant. 29% of the women surveyed by the American Pregnancy Association reported that they missed their monthly menstruation as the first sign of pregnancy.

If your menstruations don't arrive on time, especially if they are regular, it may very well mean that you are pregnant. So, it is advised that you track your periods if you are trying to conceive.

2. Nausea

Nausea is a feeling of sickness where you may or may not feel like vomiting. While nausea is often referred to as morning sickness due to its occurrence being usually in the morning, it is possible that you experience it throughout the day. Nausea mostly occurs during the first trimester, which is the period from week 1 to week 12.

3. Sensitive/Swollen Breasts

Research shows swollen or sensitive breasts can be one of the first symptoms that you are pregnant. This happens because your increased hormonal levels elevate your blood flow, causing adjustments in the tissues of your breast.

You may experience minor to severe pain during this metamorphosis, which happens one to two weeks after conception. However, the pain gradually decreases after the first trimester as your body starts adjusting to it.

4. Frequent Urination

You won't necessarily associate frequent urination with the symptom for pregnancy, however, it is quite common. Throughout your pregnancy, your uterus keeps expanding, putting pressure on your bladder. So, if you find yourself visiting the bathroom regularly, it may be one of the symptoms that you are pregnant.

5. Random Episodes of Fatigue

You may start getting extremely tired one or two weeks after conception. The progesterone level in your body increases making you feel exhausted throughout the day. You will experience fatigue during the entire course of your pregnancy, making it a common symptom.

6. Mood Swings

The neurotransmitters in your brain are affected by the hormonal changes in your body. This gives rise to mood swings, which are one of the most common symptoms that you are pregnant.

You might feel an abrupt or unannounced change in your emotions as early as three to four weeks after conception. Since you have life growing inside of you,you are bound to experience a plethora of emotions as your body undergoes constant hormonal fluctuations.

Visit a Clinic

If you are showing any of the symptoms that you are pregnant, make  sure you take the pregnancy test. After taking the test, make an appointment with your doctor to confirm your pregnancy and get ready to welcome a new member to your family.