6 Designer Secrets to Pull Off Colour-Rich Interiors

Colour is at the heart of our culture. Yet when it comes to our homes, most of us tend to stick with neutral palettes. Perhaps it’s because the canvas is so large and permanent in a way. Perhaps it’s because we understand the power of colour to sway moods and are afraid to commit to a palette. Playing with colour requires restraint and a keen eye. That, and a cheat sheet devised by some of India’s coolest colour and design experts. Read on for their insider tips to a hue-happy space.

1. Small Steps for Big Effect

Bring in the colour through strokes and trims, and of course, a little pop! When brought in modest hints, as opposed to a singular statement, the colour effortlessly transforms the space. The finer advantage to this technique of building a colour story is that it isn't permanent; it's wonderfully easy to change up the accents and create a whole new look!

— Latika Khosla, Colour Consultant and Founder-Director at Freedom Tree Design

Courtesy Freedom Tree Design

2. Set the Tone

Colour is a universal language that imparts a desired feel to a space. Colours, for me, are the backbone that ties the design together – from creating hierarchy to creating warmth and energy in spaces. I draw inspiration from simple things in life; people, emotions and nature. The one constant tying element Is the soothing effect of blue. Blue is the colour of the sky & ocean. Reflecting upon one our oldest cultural cities, Jodhpur, The Blue City, is this mesmerizing azure foyer that showcases a mix of artefacts, frames and carved panels, some of which, were sourced from artisans in Jodhpur.

— Shabnam Gupta, Principal Designer at The Orange Lane & Founder of Peacock Life

Courtesy The Orange Lane

3. Stay Balanced

Use a patterned wallpaper to strengthen a room, and simple tones to soften a space. Heavy designed wallpaper can enliven a space and set a new decorative direction. Be sure other design elements play down to the wallpaper.

— Krsnaa Mehta, Founder & Executive Director at India Circus, Godrej & Boyce

The Light Cube Photography/Courtesy India Circus

4. Take a Leap

For the daredevil clients, I recommend choosing one hero in your house – be it a bright flooring or beautiful bright walls or maybe a coloured ceiling. We did a lovely home in Mumbai with bright, printed tiles and the rest of the furniture took a backseat in warm tones of wood, allowing the flooring to do the talking.

— Nishita Kamdar, Principal Architect at Studio Nishita Kamdar

Studio Kunal Bhatia/Courtesy Studio Nishita Kamdar

5. Discover your Dark Side

I recommend darker tones than the brighter and light ones, to make the home look warmer. It is quite a myth that dark colours make the home look small. Deep greys, cobalt blues and bottle greens add a sense of mystery and drama in a home, especially in media rooms and library spaces.

— Nishita Kamdar, Principal Architect at Studio Nishita Kamdar

Talib Chitalwala/Courtesy Studio Nishita Kamdar

6. The Simple Things

One of my go-to ways to add colour to my home is by placing vibrant cushions on the furniture. Add a splash of colour with a solid, floral, or a patterned cushion. These simple comforts always lighten the room and bring it to life. Featured here is My Kinda Place – Good Vibes Edition, the latest collection from lifestyle brand Chumbak. SHOP THE LOOK!

— Shubhra Chadda, Co-Founder at Chumbak

Courtesy Chumbak