6 hair trends for Fall 2019

These are the coolest hairstyles making their way from the runways to Instagram and beyond.

Stacked hair accessories
When it comes to accessories, there’s nothing like too much this season. Bring out the hairpins, clips, barrettes, and bobby bins with sparkly baubles, big letters and logos, and stack them all up on your hair. Don’t shy away from adding more than one statement piece to the mix. You also don’t need an occasion to bring out the sparkle.
Photograph: cgstreetstyle / Instagram

Statement chains
The headband look might have been trending for a while, but Balmain took things up a notched by having “punk princesses” strut down the runway sporting chain headbands. Chains in hair were also a feature at Christian Siriano’s show, where hair extensions made from chains were added on to models’ hair. The look definitely adds an edge to an accessory that can at times be too sweet.
Photograph: patrickwilson / Instagram

Buns everywhere
From simple side knots to ballerina-style twists and coiled low buns, versions of this popular hairdo were seen on multiple runways. For an artful look pile your hair on top for a messy bun and let a few tendrils loose in the front. Or you could for a clean look by tying your hair at the nape and securing it with bobby pins or a hair tie. Buns are great at drawing attention to your face, while also helping you keep your hair in place.
Photograph: tonyastylist / Instagram

Mixed textures
The text look is a mix of two textures—wavy and straight. It can go one of two ways. The first is to start off with a really soft version of beach waves that straighten out at the ends. The waves aren’t supposed to be very pronounced, but rather look more natural. The other way to rock the two textures is to iron your hair from the root till above your eyebrow and then create soft waves. You can do this at home by parting your hair down the middle and loosely braiding your hair before you sleep, so that you wake up with natural looking curls.
Photograph: maneaddicts / Instagram

Hair bows
Hair accessories are enjoying their time in the spotlight and hair bows are a great option that go with pretty much any hairstyle. Whether your hair is up or down, straight or curly, a hair bow will add flair to your look. Pair a velvet bow with a sleek ponytail for a red-carpet-worthy look, or let it do the heavy lifting in your half-up half-down casual look. And when it comes to bows this season, the bigger the better!
Photograph: shaunaelizabethhair / Instagram

The deep side part
A quick way to get a new look is to change how you part your hair. A switch from the centre to the side can immediately give you a fresh look, add dimension, and make an impact. Whatever your hairdo—slicked back, retro waves, blunt bob, low ponytail—use a tail comb and part your hair deep over to one side.
Photograph: maneaddicts / Instagram