'6 Underground' about super great human beings with no superpowers: Melanie Laurent

Radhika Sharma

Seoul, Dec 2 (PTI) French actor Melanie Laurent on Monday said her upcoming film '6 Underground' may not be a superhero movie but it revolves around human beings who are capable of doing great things sans superpowers.

The 36-year-old actor, who plays a sharpshooter called '2' in the Netflix action film, said she was eager to do the movie after she read the script.

'She's there on paper and has these amazing action scenes. She shoots guns and fights and all. But at the end when I'm watching the movie, I love it because at the end, it's not about who's more on screen or not,' Laurent told reporters here at the '6 Underground' press conference.

Also present at the event were actors Ryan Reynolds, Adria Arjona, director Michael Bay, and producer Ian Pryce.

Harking at the fandom around the superhero genre, the actor said the movie is a high-octane big-budget spectacle but it has many layers to it.

'These days we watch a lot of action movies with superheroes. We love superheroes. This movie has super great human beings with no super powers. The movie works because everyone brings some emotion to it. Of course, there's action, it's crazy and it looks amazing but I think we want to be a part of it because of the people.' Laurent lauded her co-actors --Arjona, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Corey Hawkins, and Ben Hardy -- for bringing something unique to the table.

'My character wouldn't survive 10 minutes into the film if '5' (pointing to Arjona) wasn't there. If number '3', (Manuel), is not there, it makes my character less interesting because he brings so many things out of her.

'Ben brings so many emotions out. If he was not fragile, the movie would miss having a layer of emotions. Corey brings something very specific to the movie,' she said.

'6 Underground' starts streaming on Netflix on December 13. PTI RDS SHD SHD