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Shah Rukh Khan for Devdas

Dear Shah Rukh Khan, please don’t show your abs much, instead weep your eyes out. For your fans seems to be like that Enrique Iglesias song ‘I Don’t Know Why… Why… I Love To See You Cry…’. Be it Kal Ho Naa Ho or Devdas, both have worked well with the audiences, even with SRK crying a lot.

7 Bollywood actors who played cry babies on-screen

Who says men don’t cry? If that was the case, then evolution wouldn’t have given us tear glands. Unfortunately, there is a general (and a stupid) perception that if a leading man has to be macho, he shouldn’t cry. We often forget that crying actually makes him humane. Like for example, Salman Khan‘s character Chulbul Pandey from Dabangg is often shown as the epitome of machismo, but his most humane moment comes when he breaks down in front of his ailing stepfather. While his fans were in awe of him till then, that scene made him quite relatable to the viewers. So yeah, crying onscreen is good.

But what about too much crying? Or if I have to frame the question in a better way, what’s the maximum limit a fan can bear to see his male idol cry on screen? Do you really like it if your favourite actor cries a lot in the movie? In this feature, we look at 7 superstars in Bollywood and the movies where they have cried the most. At the same time, we will also dissect how the fans loved to see them tear up through the movie’s box office performance.

– by Bollywoodlife