7 Books To Look Out for Screen Adaptation in 2021

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The onset of new year brings a whim of fresh excitement and hope for every people. No matter, we belong from any field; we set new benchmarks in order to soar new heights. And once we talk about literature, everyone would agree with the fact that every writer aspire to find his work on screen. The characters which he has crafted after toiling hard are always asking for getting livid on screen. At this juncture we are presenting a list of seven books which need to look out for screen adaptation in 2021.

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1. Nightmare and Sunshine by Eshy Acharya
Nightmare And Sunshine by Eshy Acharya is a recent Amazon bestseller (Short Stories) having eleven short stories inspired by true events and people, perceptively explore the impulsive, divergent, and imposing side of human behaviour in the global crisis. It allows a peek into the lives of extraordinary yet ordinary, relatable yet extraneous individuals, who in COVID-19 lockdown, social distance and self-isolation phase endured and unearthed the true humanistic spirit, interrogating the issues of the human bearing. From the excruciating pain of the existing, complicated, and ravelled life in pandemic like a nightmare to blameless guilt-free smile and sunshine!

2. Age Was… Just A Number by Shaheen Kazi
How many of you have fallen in love or are in the love for the first time with a person who was or who is seventeen years older than you? Age was... Just a Number' by Shaheen Kazi is a book about the phases of age, where you feel your heartbeat & heartbreak the first time. Bollywood have always a penchant for stories where love solely rely on emotions rather than the difference of your age. Doing anything for the first time always remains special in your memories and secret in your hearts. We all must have gone through in our teenage life, for some it must have been an infatuation phase and for some seriously falling in love. Sometimes it is better to let the infatuation die a natural death and give birth to true love when it’s time. We all have love stories in our lives to tell but due to the absence of perfect listeners, many stories remain untold...

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3. Fake Posh by Deepti Sharma
The highly-awaited story collection; Fake Posh by Deepti Sharma is a collection of four stories portraying varied emotions. At the time; we are getting a liking for relatable stories rather than larger-than-life; Fake Posh makes a strong case for itself for screen adaptation. Touching the aspects of feminism and a desire of change along with the fake persona attached with masculinity, the short-story collection gives a peek into various untouched aspects of the mere mortals secures its place in this elite list.

4. The Result of Misunderstanding by Shirsh Srivastava
The story of friendship has always been a hot property in the Bollywood since ages. And if the story is between people of two different genders setting aside the romantic liaison; it becomes irresistible. A gripping story of two friends; The Result of Misunderstanding by Shirsh Srivastava focuses on the various aspects of relationships. Not just relationships, it also sheds light on the various misunderstanding being prevailed in any relation. Thriving on the concepts of love, lust, belief and trust; the book takes you onto a journey of fragile hearts, the ever-hanging question of morality. Mr. Srivastava taking the teens as his protagonist had tried to decipher the modern aspects of love in a lucid language which makes it an interesting read apart from securing a place in this elite list.

5. Love In Modern Times by Nitish Raj
Talk about romance and people are head on heels for getting the warmth of such stories which can touch the emotional corner of their heart. Love In Modern Times by Nitish Raj is a collection of twenty short stories depicting the various shades of romance in a different light. Contrary to being the romance wrapped in honey and petals, this story collection depicts the wrath of individualism and momentary sprouting of the emotions whom we love to coin as love. A bold take on the desire, needs, sentimentalism and choices; this collection deservedly secures a place in the elite list.

6. The Broken Pendant by Dr. Nalli Ramya
A high-octane thriller gushing blood in our heart and mind; always ready to give the goosebumps and scare the shit out of us have always been a dream for any director looking out stories for making it live on screen. The Broken Pendant by Dr. Nalli Ramya is one such thrilling masterpiece always to blow your wit along with entangling you in a deadly game of cat and mouse. How could person get himself at peace where every normal thing is surely abnormal and no one seems to be reliable especially when the story travels around various geographical areas along with a time period beyond the human imagination? The Broken Pendant is a very must thriller to look out in the new year.

7. Cacophony To Symphony by Ankita Khemka
A very unique masterpiece; Cacophony to Symphony by Ankita Khemka is a step by step guide to transform the software product development shop from chaos to order, from discord to harmony. It walks you through the proven techniques to build software in a much simplified and efficient manner by mitigating, maneuvering through the uncertainties and complexities of the software ecosystem. The book plunges in the crucial facets of software engineering voyage, that are typically overlooked in a rush to create and deliver products faster. It serves a single point of reference for anyone who plans to venture in a start-up or set up a product development garage from scratch. It is also useful for the small and medium-sized product companies aspiring to shift gears and grow exponentially with better market relevance and sustenance.