7 DOPE Poses To Strike While Being Clicked, Inspired By Bollywood Heroines!

Kiona Rosh
·3-min read

Nowadays giving a proper classic post in front of the camera is such a challenging task. Giving a proper pose when the camera hits your face is not a piece of cake for everyone. It is quite frustrating that is all cool to check our gorgeous faces in the mirror but at the same time but we get all awkward when we face the camera. In General, People wonder what to do with their hands so that they don’t look stupid in front of the camera. Well not to worry here are 5 poses that anybody can pull off easily in front of the camera and also will look good by doing so in the photo.

1.Over the shoulder.
It is a simple pose where you just turn your back on the camera while you face it. Don’t be uncomfortable or stretch too much in this pose. this a great pose for the person to show their back.

2.Three-quarters pose

For this pose, all you need to do is turn your body slightly away from the camera to make only three-fourths of your body visible to the camera’s lens. Cross your legs in front of each other casually and turn only the upper body towards the camera.

3.Head tilt
The easiest pose to do and even very easy to mess up. The head tilt emits confidence and wonder. Just tilt your head in either of the directions and look straight in the camera with a cheerful and self-assured look.

4.Lean against the wall
The easiest way to look cool is to lean against a wall. You can put your hands in your pockets to look smart and cool. It is up to you to either look straight in the camera or look away from it.

5.Rest your face on your hand
If you are one of those people who also don’t know what to do with your hands, then this pose is for you. Just lay your arm on your knee and place your chin on the palm of your hand.

6. The Princess pose
most of us are aware of the princess pose, as all you have to do is make sure to flaunt that pretty dress by lifting it a little with both your hands and giving an adorable smile.

    7. The sun-kissed pose
   This is pose is the best during the golden hours as it compliments your look and facial features magnificently, so for this, all you need to remember is a good place, the golden hour, a nice background, make use of the backlight and edit it a tad bit.

    8. The candid walking pose
The walking pose is very famous for portraits as it gives a unique candid look as well as gives you this aesthetic look. A candid pic can be a bit hard to click with as many people get nervous or end up staring at the camera. So to get with a candid pic all you need to do is a better job with not seeing into the lens and just ace your pose. Tho there is no compulsion that you can’t see into the camera just focus on your posture.