7 quotes of Shah Rukh Khan which prove he's the 'Baadshah of Wit'

Bollywood king Khan Shah Rukh Khan is celebrating his 54th birthday today. The SRK army wished their favourite star outside his residence 'Mannat' in Mumbai.

Despite rains, fans who arrived in the city from Delhi, Bihar and other states, waited outside the actor's residence to personally wish him and pour lots of love.

Meanwhile, Shah Rukh who is away from the silver screen after his biggie 'Zero' has flopped at box office in 2018. Shah Rukh Khan started his career as a villain in this industry and gained stardom and glamour as the king of romance. But Shah Rukh is much more than just a king of romance.

Here's we've a collection of his top wittiest dialogues by SRK which will prove he is also the king of wit and sarcasm:

1. I am like a Rolls Royce which can run without an engine, just on reputation.

2. Study hard. Work hard. Play harder. Don't be bound by the rules, don't hurt anybody and never ever live somebody else's dream.

3. Whenever I fail as a father or husband... a toy and a diamond always works.

4. If I talk to a girl, it's assumed that I'm having a scene with her, If I don't, then it's assumed that I'm gay.

5. Laziness isn't merely a physical phenomenon, about being a couch potato, stuffing your face with fries and watching cricket all day. It's a mental thing, too, and that's the part I have never aspired for.

6. Don't become a philosopher before you become rich.

7. My biggest achievement is that I can make people smile just by my presence.

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