7 Strategies That Will Make You Become More Productive Starting This Week

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We all want to maximize our productive potential and efficiency. The more productive we are, the more we can get done in fewer hours, giving us time back to grow and scale businesses while also enjoying a work-life balance.

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Of course, we all know that becoming more productive is not exactly easy, and it requires sustained attention and focus every single day. But, this elusive skill-set is not something that is impossible to acquire, and in fact, with these 7 tips, is certainly possible for you and your routine, starting right now.

Here are 7 That Will Make You Become More Productive Starting This Week.

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How to Become More Productive


  • Cutting Out the Distractions: We are all bombarded by distractions every single day, whether it’s through our phone, laptop, or even smart-house. While we pay attention to these distractions, we are pulled farther and farther from our divine purpose and destination. This can trick us into thinking that a certain job or position is something that will make us happy.


In reality, only you know how to make yourself happy, and only you know what you really want. If you are trying to be productive at something that you don’t even enjoy, you are never going to make the time for it. That’s why Soulbattical by Shelley Paxton unapologetically dives into finding one’s true soul path, reminding us it’s never too late for transformation. When we are in line with our soul’s true calling, we make the time to be productive.


  • Building a Network: When it comes to personal productivity, we often assume it’s something we need to tackle alone. In fact, we can be more productive if we bring in other people to act as extensions of ourselves within our network. That’s why the acclaimed novel, Sharper Image Success by Richard Thalheimer, challenges readers to connect with others in negotiation and collaboration. Who said we need to go through our lives, every single day, alone?



  • Taking Control of Your Life: We often forget that we are the only ones living our lives at the end of the day, which is why many times, we can end up lending our personal autonomy to other people, corporations, and bosses. We feel drained and out-of-touch with our real desires. That’s why it’s important to bring yourself into alignment, take back ownership of your time, relationships, mind, and body, and say no to the forces in your life that are taking from you. No one articulates this better than Yuri Kruman does in Be Your Own Commander-In-Chief. Kruman argues it’s up to each of us to bring the center and focus of our own happiness and productivity back into our control.


  • Automate Where You Can: The beauty of technology today is that it can function as us, for us, in the background, while we do more important things. Our productivity can be directly impacted when we are pulled from important projects to go over mundane tasks that a computer can do instead. Building systems that work with or without you is key to unlocking your true productive potential, says author Kristen David. In her book, Uplevel Your Business, Uplevel Your Life!, she provides readers with a long-term plan that helps them identify needed systems, automations, and solutions along the way. Laying a foundation will make it easier for you to be productive.



  • Make Joy a Priority: We get caught up in this work mentality that we can’t possibly experience joy and happiness while we are also being productive. In fact, the two can exist simultaneously, and do, for the happiest people in the world. You will become more productive if you are also making room for joy in what you do every day. Author Taylor Rochestie of A New 20/20 Vision, details exactly that, helping readers to create a road map for sustainable happiness. By doing this, he argues that everyone can redefine the way they want to experience the world.



  • Get the Finances in Check: One major distraction for both our personal and business lives today is financial management. Bad deals, gimmicks, and mismanaged funds can cause a myriad of problems that makes productivity nearly impossible. These fake money ideas could derail your vision now, and in the future, which is why you need to know more about the risk, bias, and major mistakes that might be holding you back. Author Chad Willardson of Stress-Free Money exposes seven obstacles that are standing between you and financial freedom. By overcoming these obstacles, peak productivity is waiting for you just around the corner.



  • Biohack Your Health: We are only as productive as our bodies allow us to be. A big part of our productivity is in thanks to our bodies and natural energy sources. The problem is that although the world is demanding more from us than ever before, people are reporting a chronic energy and lethargy drain that has them feeling defeated. Dietitian and biochemist Shawn Wells in his book The ENERGY Formula, looks at our habitual choices and how they impact our natural energy sources. By ‘biohacking’ our health back to where it’s supposed to be, we can unlock productivity levels we never thought were possible.


Rev Up Your Productivity

By following these seven tips above, all backed up and researched by the experts, you can revolutionize your mind, body, and soul while revving up your productivity by 33%. If we all spend just a few minutes more per day being conscious of how we use our time and energy, we can more accurately leverage our spirit in-line with our divine purpose.

Go out there and improve your productivity today.