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This spice has had a long history of medicinal value. Studies have shown that garlic indeed has cardiovascular, anti-microbial and antineoplastic properties. It’s also a perfect spice to use when doing sauteed dishes.

6 super herbs in your kitchen that'll boost your immunity

Human bodies are built up of complex and intricate systems. For them to be strong and in healthy conditions, it is utmost necessary that your immunity defends you of getting sick. An army of white blood cells, the immune system is a fighting force that destroys the “bad guys” that cause illness and rids the body of toxins. So is it possible to boost the fighting power of this army and help make your immune system stronger?

The answer is in your kitchen itself. Your mum or grandmother most likely would swear by these six herbs to bring balance to the body, boost the immune system, and promote overall health.

Try adding them to your routine, today.

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