7 things busy dads can do to spend quality time with kids

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Fathers need to spend more quality time with kids. (Source: Getty Images)

Working mothers are advised on how to balance parenting with professional commitments. We empathise with their challenges but also expect them to never disappoint as a caregiver for their child. The perspective changes when it comes to a father, the traditional "breadwinner", who can just brush over parenting issues without being involved completely. While their active share in parenting may have improved over time, there are still many busy fathers who hardly (get to) spend quality time with their children. These kids practically grow up depending on their mothers, while missing out on the opportunity to bond with the father figure.

Here are some tips for busy dads to spend more time with their kids to build a strong bond:

1. Get involved in everyday tasks

You do not always have to set a separate schedule to spend time with kids. Fathers can involve themselves in regular, daily tasks like getting the child dressed, making them breakfast or taking them to school. That way, your little one will not depend on the mother for everything but also begin to rely on you.

2. Share duties with your child

Be it running an errand or carrying out household fixtures, you can get your child to help you or just accompany you for the activity. What adults may otherwise find boring can sometimes excite kids.

3. Tell them stories, play games

Children love to hear stories. So, next time you put them to bed, narrate to them an imaginative story or read to them from a book. You can also take out time on weekends and play board games with them.

4. Take kids out for physical activities

Instead of just sending your child out to play, you can sometimes tag along to watch them or even play a sport with the kids on occasion as a way of encouraging them.

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5. Help them with studies

Give the mother a break and make an effort to find out what your kids are studying at the moment, help them prepare their lessons and also clear their doubts if any.

6. Have one-on-one conversations

This can help you bond with your child better. Talk to your child, even if for five minutes, to know what they are thinking or feeling, ask them about school or how they spent the day. Share age-appropriate incidents from your daily life with them. Soon, your child might find a confidant in you.

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7. Plan family trips

Your may have a tight work schedule but you cannot take your family for granted. Planning an annual holiday or just a weekend getaway will not only allow you more time with your family but also rejuvenate you in the process. After all, dads need a break too.