7 Things Every Bride And Groom Must Do To Stay Stress-Free On Their Wedding Day

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With so many rituals and things to do, the wedding day turns out to be the most chaotic day for almost every bride and groom. But, is it how you want your wedding day to be like? Of course, not! After all, it is your special day, and you should be able to enjoy every bit of it.

So, we bring to you some of the important things that you should do to make your D-day enjoyable and stress-free.

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#1. No parties a day before your wedding


Be it your bachelor party, bachelorette party, cocktail or any other celebration, make sure you do not plan any get-together especially, booze party, a day before your wedding. You definitely would not want to wake up with a hangover, puffy eyes and a tired look on your big day. So, say no to late night parties before your wedding day so that you can enjoy your wedding day to the fullest.

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#2. Try on your new shoes

groom footwear

As you will be standing for a long time or dancing in your new shoes or sandals on your wedding day, be sure that they are comfortable. Thus, it is advisable to put on your shoes or sandals and walk in them for some time for a few days before your wedding day to avoid shoe bites. You definitely would not want to keep adjusting your footwear on your special day, right? So, better be careful about it in advance.

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#3. Always carry a survival kit

emergency kit

Those unexpected last minute emergency situations can give a panic attack to anyone. So, always carry a wedding survival kit with an extra pair of footwear, needles, buttons, stain remover, tissues, safety pins, etc., as you might need them anytime.

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#4. Go down the memory lane

photo album

If you could spare some time alone, then try to go through your engagement album, family albums, childhood memories or any picture that is close to your heart. Trust us, walking down the memory lane, remembering and cherishing those special memories that are close to your heart will make you happy from within.

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#5. Shake a leg

wedding dance

What is an Indian wedding celebration without dance and music? So, dance with your family members, in-laws, friends and most importantly, with your spouse, to enjoy your big day. This happy occasion will not come again. So, leave all your hesitation and shyness on the stage, let yourself loose and shake your legs to enjoy the moment.

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#6. Get a good night’s sleep

sound sleep

Yes, sound sleep is extremely essential for a natural glow on your face. If you feel refreshed, you feel happy from inside too. Not taking complete rest will result in fatigue, which might play a spoilsport on your wedding day. Hence, try to wind up all your functions and rituals a bit early, so that you can go to bed on time and have proper sleep on the night before your special day. It will help you to stay relaxed and fresh on your wedding day.

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#7. Eat a healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast

Eat a sumptuous and healthy meal in the morning of your wedding day. Make sure to add protein and carbs in your breakfast, as they take time to break down and hence, will help you to sail through the rest of your day quite easily. You might not get to eat anything post certain rituals or maybe after your makeup is done. So, a healthy breakfast is really important to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

Apart from these, have a group photo session, take selfies, seize each and every moment, and try to remain stress-free by listening to your favourite songs on your wedding day. Just remember, it is your day and it will not come again. So, enjoy your special day with your spouse as much as you can to create beautiful memories.

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