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Stuti Shukla – CM0 – GE Healthcare

I love the #Share the load’ Ariel campaign, ‘are we teaching our sons what we teach our daughters?’. Everything else being equal, we cannot have equity between genders at work if women don’t have equity at home in sharing household responsibilities and aspiring for career growth. It takes a lot for a woman to show up at office and give her best if she is single-handedly shouldering responsibilities for all household chores. The playing field gets uneven to begin with. My question to all today, how balanced are we at home? If a man leaves early from work to take care of an unwell child, he is touted as “a caring father”. Does a woman leaving office early for the same reason evoke a similar emotion? What are we doing to shake out our unintentional stereotypical biases? Another element to consider for working women – Men network informally among their friends/peers in the context of their work (talking shop) more proactively than women do. This makes a significant difference (especially at senior levels) in not only forging new relationships, developing ‘fraternities’ and pulling each other up, but also, in how new career opportunities present themselves. To all the lovely women out there – what is your plan to widen your professional network?

7 women achievers share their views on #Balanceforbetter

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year. The theme for this year is “Balance for Better”. I spoke to 7 women achievers on building a gender-balanced world, the state of women in business today, their views on equal representation and what needs to be done to empower the woman of today.