73-Year-Old Karnataka Teacher's Viral Matrimonial Ad for Older Man Catches 69-Year-Old Engineer's Eye

Buzz Staff
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A 73-year-old woman from Karnataka has finally found love in a 69-year-old man who responded to her matrimonial advertisement. The septuagenarian woman, a teacher, had put out a matrimonial advertisement recently in which she wrote that she was looking for a life partner. She said that she was looking for a healthy, older man to become her companion. The advertisements went viral on social media recently and now seems to have found its way to an eligible suitor.

The 69-year-old man who responded to the ad is an engineer and a widower while the woman is a divorcee. In her ad that was posted in March on a matrimonial site, the woman sought a suitable life partner as she lived alone and feared for her health, should she take a fall. Her first marriage had ended in divorce and after the death of her parents, the teacher was left all alone and worried for her health.

With the help of social media, it seems that the teacher has finally managed to find what she was looking for after the ad was found by some of the prospective suitor’s friends online. Though younger, the engineer fulfilled all of the teacher’s requirements.

The story surfaced days after an 82-year-old man in Rajasthan went viral for sharing his love story with an Australian tourist who found him again 50 years later.

Elderly people are gaining popularity on social media for their progressive attitudes and affirming approach to life. In times where relationships have become fragile and finding the ‘right’ partner has become so much difficult, a story of 72 years of marriage may seem like a fairytale. The Instagram Page named Humans of Bombay, which is known, for sharing heartwarming stories posted video of an Indian couple who have been married for over 72 years now. The 101-year-old husband and 90-year-old wife shared the secret behind their successful marriage of over seven decades and also gave tips to young people who are in love.

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