7X Weddings – The Wedding Planners That Are Taking The Industry By Storm

Amar Singh Rathore
7X Weddings - The Wedding Planners That Are Taking The Industry By Storm

Tell us about your business and what inspired you to create it?

7X Weddings is a unique and aesthetic wedding planning company catering to Royal destination weddings. Our clients come from different backgrounds and we have been able to take up various weddings from different communities and cultures in India. We have always focused on creativity and tried to give something new each time. That has been the driving factor right from the beginning.

The inspiration behind this business was the fact that Devang, co-founder 7X Weddingsand myself, always wanted to change the way people thought about events and weddings. We wanted them to know that the scope of creativity here is endless. We don’t believe in monotony but in bringing smiles to the faces of our clients with the difference we make. The possibility of creativity and innovation in our industry is huge. There is no second time or a way to correct if things go wrong. So high levels of efficiency and backup are what we play with.


In detail, tell us about your journey behind creating this valuable brand.

I started my journey as a PR executive and before that even distributed leaflets outside malls. But today I am an entrepreneur. The desire to create things inventively was too huge. I wanted to bring something new to the table, to change the face of the industry. I wanted people to understand that hiring a wedding planner is not a luxury but a need. The fact is, it saves both time and money rather than the most common myth that people have – it adds to the wedding budget. Changing this was not easy. But I always wanted to go on and on.


Your story is something many readers would love to relate to. Now, go in-depth and tell us how your company works.

Every bride and groom hold dreams in their eyes and heart about their wedding day. We just learn more and more about their thoughts. We try our best to give them exactly what they want. Most of the times couples don’t open up easily due to the fear of the cost involved. But believe me, at the end of it all they say, “it was more than worthy”. We fulfill their dreams in the most desired manner; whether classy or subtle, we make it real! Listening, understanding and planning are our mantras. We do not work with a package to offer but we deliver dreams by curating each wedding, big or small in the best possible way. My team is never rigid about things. They are a bunch of young and cool heads who work closely with the clients family and get involved totally, leaving no stone unturned.


What challenges did you face while creating your brand? What are the challenges you go through on an everyday basis?

Acceptance of a wedding planner by the general public is something very challenging. There is a need but people make wrong comparisons and end up taking the hassle of an entire wedding on their shoulders making it a burdensome experience altogether. The one question that comes up frequently is – why do we pay you? Weddings can be so smooth and so fun with the best possible options in reality. A decorator might ask for a certain amount and an inexperienced client might end up paying any money without knowing the output. So can be the case with a photographer. We are here to offer all these add on services at the best possible prices from different vendors and give that wow effect to every wedding.


Any current projects you are working on?

Currently, we are working on destination weddings across Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Ahmedabad, Macau, Dubai and Goa. One of the weddings this season will be in Amby valley and we are really excited about it. The wedding is big but challenging because there is little time and so much to deliver. The challenge gets bigger when clients trust us and leave everything for us to decide. There comes the biggest role in innovation and creativity.


What is your future vision about your brand and how do you wish to take it to the next level?

The future vision is still letting the masses know about the importance of having a planner on board. Styling a wedding in the most creative manner is possible for everyone because weddings are not about big money but about endless creativity. Recently, we have been trying to use more of nature and natural elements in the decor so that we help preserve the environment and also help our clients choose destinations that are naturally royal and classy so that there is minimum expenditure on other decor elements. What matters is not money, but the right and ideal taste.


What advice would you like to give to someone who has a dream of creating something of his own and make a living through it?  

My only learning has been – Don’t run after money, be yourself, be creative and don’t ever be fearful of trying new things. Convince people to believe in you and the new ideas that you can create into reality for them. Just do this and everything else will be alright!

– Rajat Sogani, Co founder 7X Weddings by Dev-Raj


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