8 Cozy MVs To Keep You Company During The Holidays

Kiona Rosh
·3-min read

Winter+Christmas is the best feeling ever for us! The holiday season can bring up a lot of coziness with all the candy sticks, food Christmas movies, decorating the tree, hanging up socks, being inside the thick blanket due to winter, and just lazing around the whole day.

Although this year might be a bit different than previous years celebration-wise, it shouldn’t stop anyone from embracing the joy of this time of the year.
As everyone is getting ready for the Christmas spirit, Christmas songs are perhaps the best carol alternative for K-pop fans around the world. So here is this year’s playlist to warm you up in this cold weather and wish you a happy holiday!

1. Lee Hi & Crush – “For You”: This heavenly duet is a Christmas miracle. The charismatic lyrics and harmonizing vocals are indeed perfect for this weather, and the entire set gives us the holiday vibes. https://youtu.be/ZFdHh-MWB6Q

2. Jamie – “5 Christmas Languages”: Jamie is back to warm our hearts with her angelic voice. This time she’s sharing her take on the jolly season, as she expresses her wish to spend it in good company and cherish every moment, from the tree decoration to the presents. https://youtu.be/GYvRBrF6iRg

3. MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul – “Snow”: December and snow go hand in hand Blue and mellow, Moonbyul sings us a song based on her memories she’s fond of and that the current weather reminds her of it, she wishes to reenact them before Winter ends. https://youtu.be/GkW538hhFaY

4. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon – “This Christmas”: The queen of Christmas ballad, Taeyeon is here. Bringing the entire Christmas experience to life in her tune, she beautifully narrates a heartwarming love story that is truly fitting for the weatherr. https://youtu.be/hsh54g9JmC0

5. NCT Dream – “Joy”: We had no idea how much we needed this carol X K-pop mashup until we listened to it. The NCT members bring their version of joy and coziness to your homes via this lively MV. https://youtu.be/VMMl0DopcdM

6. Ailee – “Sweater”: Nostalgia manages to resurge during the holidays at some point, Ailee has gifted her audience this Christmas the perfect song to comfort people missing their loved ones. Even better news, she released it in both English and Korean! https://youtu.be/qzZ1EPQ5Mkc. https://youtu.be/f9ufHUs6BDU

7. Red Velvet’s Wendy x Moon Jung Jae x Nile Lee – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”: Wendy blesses us with a jazzy rendition that captures what Christmas is all about along with Moon Jung Jae on the piano, this holiday classic has been given a new spark that instantly has its audience amazed. https://youtu.be/SrzQk8moDaM

8. EXO’s Lay – “Goodbye Christmas”: This feature is coming to an end with a melancholic melody. As Lay shares a heart-wrenching story about a past love interest that got away, yet something about this music makes it comforting with the singer consoling himself through the lyrics. https://youtu.be/t6Bi_0q_17Y