8 essential parenting resolutions for New Year 2020

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Parenting resolutions for 2020 (Source: Getty Images)

Resolutions for New Year 2020: Apart from personal resolutions for next year, here are some parenting resolutions for New Year 2020 to build a better bonding with your child and ensure not just their well-being but also yours as a mom or dad.

1. Listen to your kids

Ask yourself, do you listen to your child enough? We often infantilise children too much and ignore their opinion or feelings. Make a resolution to have enough patience to listen to what your child has to say about something and acknowledge and understand their feelings. Parenting is not just about giving instructions but also keeping an open communication with your kids.

2. Follow a healthy and balanced diet

As much as your kids love to binge on fast foods, it is important to encourage them to eat healthy. Introduce your little one to more healthy fruits and vegetables by trying new and tasty recipes to arouse interest rather than forcing them to eat.

3. Be open to parenting ideas

As you teach new skills to your child, make sure you do not lag behind in any way as a parent either. Read up on new age parenting trends or speak to other parents to know what would be the most appropriate way to raise your child. Talk to your them more often to know about the kind of challenges kids face today and how to cope with them.

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4. Take care of your child's mental health

Academic stress, performance anxiety, peer pressure and lack of free play are some of the reasons that have contributed to an increase in mental health problems among kids. For your child's overall well-being, you also need to take care of their mental health. So do not ignore signs of any mental discomfort. Scolding your child can only aggravate the problem; address their mental health concerns without delay.

5. Take out time for self-care

Parental burnout can take a toll not just on your physical and mental health but also affect your relationship with your child. Amid all your commitments, make sure to spend some "me-time" to relax and rejuvenate. Sleep well, watch movies, plan a day out with friends or take part in activities that really give you pleasure.

6. Read to kids more

Reading to your kids can be a good way to keep them away from the screen. Pick up an interesting picture book or some other fiction and read to your kids at bedtime.

7. Travel with family

Besides providing the opportunity to spend family time, taking your kids to new destinations opens up their worldview by introducing them to varied milieu, cultures and traditions. Be it a weekend getaway or a long vacation, make the most of your travel with kids and introduce them to new things, from natural beauty, people to food. Do not forget to teach them how to be a responsible traveller.

8. Don't be a helicopter parent

If you have become too obsessive as a parent and have been "hovering over" your child, it is time to pause. As much as you love and care for your child, being overprotective can be detrimental to their overall development. Your child fails to become independent and learn basic adulting skills. Of course you need to guide your child in every step but you need to refrain from doing things on their behalf.