8 Signs That Tells Your Relationship Is Dependent Only Upon Sex

Prerna Aditi

Physical intimacy is an important part of any relationship. It's good to have a sizzling physical intimacy with your partner. You express your love and passion for your partner by making love to each other. But having too much of something good can at times spoil the thing. But if sexual intimacy is the foundation of your relationship, this is where things can go wrong.

When you and your partner find it awkward and weird to have an emotional connection outside the bedroom and are happy only when you are making love, then this is a sign that your relationship is dependent upon sex. You may think that your relationship is healthy and happening as you and your partner often engage in sex. But let us tell you this is not a healthy relationship.

If you are still not convinced, then go through these below-mentioned points to find out whether your relationship is dependent upon sex.

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1. You Don’t Share Each Other’s Problems

This is one of the most obvious signs that your relationship is dependent only upon sex. You do not talk about each other's problems. You feel discussing problems and challenges may spoil the moment and therefore, you may not have great sex. You prefer jumping straight into bed and pulling off your clothes. Even if either of you wants to talk about challenges and problems, the other hardly pays any heed to it.

2. You Never Go On Dates

As a couple, it is obvious for you to go on dates with your partner and explore things. Couples often go to various restaurants, parks, movies, etc. as a part of their date. But if in your case, a date is all about staying at home and being cosy with each other then this could be a sign that your relationship is dependent on sex. You and your partner may end up doing nothing other than having sex.

3. You Consider Sex As The Solution Of Your Conflicts

Do you think having sex is a way of resolving your conflicts and differences? At times, it can be possible for you to solve your conflicts by keeping physical intimacy in mind. But if this happens all the time, then there is something wrong that you need to find. It is important for you to realise having sex can never be the permanent solution to your problems. You may need to resolve the differences through an effective conversation.

4. You Always Think About Making Out

Do you always think about making out with each other? Even if you are with your friends, your mind is always full of thoughts on how you and your partner will be making out. You and your partner often talk about having sex with each other. No matter what you and your partner are doing, you always end up talking about sex and things that would like to try while making love to each other.

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5. You Don’t Have Any Emotional Intimacy

This is another sign that your relationship is dependent only upon sex. Having emotional intimacy means you and your partner are able to connect on an emotional level with each other. You share each other's problems and try to help in resolving them. You also provide emotional and mental support to each other. But if this is not the case in your relationship, then there is something wrong. Your relationship may be dependent on sex.

6. You Feel Connected Only When You Are Having Sex

If the only way in which you and your partner feel connected to each other is sex and nothing else, then it is clear that you relationship is dependent on sex. Being happy only when you are having sex, can be a sign that your relationship is dependent on sex. And it may not be able to withstand the test of time. The moment you enter your bedroom, all you do is get naked and make love under the sheet. In fact, you may never feel the need to establish any other form of connection with each other.

7. You Talk Only About Sex

If the only thing that you discuss with your partner is sex and things that you would like to try while making out, then it is enough to tell you that your relationship depends only upon sex. You may feel awkward and weird to talk about things other than sex. Even if you try to talk about things other than sex, you may end up sexting or discuss your previous lovemaking sessions.

8. You Are Often Touchy In The Public

At times, there is nothing wrong with doing the public display of affection (PDA). But if you and your partner always end up caressing each other and moving your hands all over each other's body without considering the surroundings around you, then this shows that your sexual energies are quite high. Excusing yourself from a party or from your friends so that both of you can make out in a car at the backstage or in the bathroom, show that you and your partner are only into sex.

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There is nothing wrong with making out with each other and showing your passion but a healthy relationship is not only about physical intimacy. It is also about having emotional intimacy and supporting each other. You need to explore things other than sex. Such as you can go for trekking, play board games or engage yourselves in yoga and meditation. This way you will be strengthening your relationship and make it last longer.

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