8 Snack Recipes With No Onion and No Garlic

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Some people prefer their food without the use of onion and garlic in their cooking. While many would argue the taste would not be as good, however there are certain snacks that not only can be prepared but enjoyed with no garlic or onion.

The collection of few recipes below would be handy when you don’t want to include onion or garlic in your food. The recipes have a range of ideas that will be delicious and irresistible to have.


Tangy, slightly sweet, semi spiced and flavorful is what this simple dish tastes like. It is made with lentils mixed with vegetables. It has its origin like the famous Masala dosa, in udupi cuisine that cooks food without onion or garlic.

Potato vada

A popular street food dish prepared by making balls of mashed potatoes and coating them in a batter made with gram flour. The 'vadas' are then deep fried in oil.

Vangi bath

Delightful recipe made with brinjal rice in Karnataka. Bath in this recipe implies rice and some common recipes are Bisi bele bath, Neer dosa, Set dosa and Jowar roti.

Hara bhara kabab

This nutritious as well as delicious recipe is made from spinach, peas and potatoes. Variations of the tasty kebab are shammi kabab and Rajma kabab.


A fried snack made with a mixture of lentil flours. There are many versions of chakli like instant chakli or rice flour chakli. It is known as Murukku in South India.


A classic and popular Indian snack filled with spiced potato peas stuffing. Fried samosas are crispy from outside with potato and peas inside. Homemade is not only hygienic but also delicious.

Khaman dhokla

This savory steamed cake made from gram flour is light and fluffy, slightly tangy-sweet and one healthy great snack any time of the day. Serve with mint or coriander or raw papaya chutney and enjoy.

Aloo paratha

The most repeated and popular Indian breakfast is a piping-hot crisp wheat flatbread stuffed with spiced potato filling. Unleavened whole wheat flat bread is filled with faintly sour mashed potatoes stuffing and enjoyed with a tangy pickle.

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