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Bombay Talkies – Ajeeb Dastab Hai Yeh

Bombay Talkies was a kind of movie we don’t get to see every other Friday, and I loved it dearly. The movie crafted to mark the 100 years of Indian Cinema was shot, among other locations, party at Karan Johar’s house Pratiksha. So watch Rani Mukerjee and Randeep Hooda’s segment carefully and you will get a sneak-peak into the director’s bedroom.

8 times movies were shot at the real homes of Bollywood celebs

When we think of lavish shooting locations in Bollywood movies, lush green mountains of Switzerland or the concrete jungles of the US is what we imagine. But there are times when, to stay true to the fabric of a storyline, movies are shot in the homes of our famous celebs from B-town.

Here are 8 occurrences of movies being shot at the real residencies of actors and actress in Bollywood.