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Better Relations Within Teams

With more time on their hands, more and more people are finding themselves starting their own blog and working towards content creation for the same. The more they write, the more they want to continue it. At times like this, Companies and Employers are supporting their employees in pursuit of these activities such as Blogging and Cooking and teams are finding themselves more closely-knit as they work from home. During group calls or catch-up conversations, it becomes more common to see traces of your colleague’s personal life and hobbies outside of work.

8 Ways In Which Doing Business Has Become Unusual Due To The Lockdown

It isn’t news to anyone that the Coronavirus-caused lockdown has changed the World as we know it. While it’s easier for us to know how the lockdown impacts our day to day life, most of us don’t know what to expect at the business end. With companies under lockdown, production plants are shut, demand is at an all-time low and there is chaos in the industries. At times like there, we find ourselves surprised by the changes businesses are bringing in to keep up with the lockdown. We’ve come across some of them and put them down for you!