8 ways to grow your hair thicker and faster

Arpita Chatterjee
·3-min read
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels
Photo by Element5 Digital from Pexels

If you are suffering from the loss of hair, then it's high time that you started using some of the various ways to grow your hair faster and thicker. These natural techniques will help you achieve more hair growth than what you have ever experienced before.

Here are eight ways to grow your hair longer and thicker. Read on and discover what these things are!

Stay fit

The second way to grow your hair faster and healthier is by only doing exercises. Doing stretching, weight lifting, running, and even just brisk walking will stimulate hair growth. Just be careful with your diet and always drink plenty of water. These things will surely improve the condition of your hair.

Anti-hair fall shampoo

Another method on how to grow your hair faster and healthier is by using an anti-hair loss shampoo. There are a lot of shampoos nowadays that will help slow down the process of hair loss. Ensure that the product you are going to use on your hair is 100% all-natural ingredients.

Eat healthily

The third way to grow your hair faster and healthier is to eat right. Your diet should contain more nutrients and vitamins to promote hair growth. You need to make sure that you get enough protein from your food to strengthen your hair follicles. Protein is one of the critical nutrients needed for your hair to grow, and by eating a lot of it, you will see a difference in the amount of hair you lose. Besides protein, you should also try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables as well.

Adequate sleep

The fourth way to grow your hair faster and healthier is by keeping a good sleep schedule. Sleep helps in strengthening your body and repairing your cells. When

your body is well-rested, your hair grows faster and healthier.

Oil massage and steam

The next thing that will help you grow your hair fast is scalp massage followed by steam. This involves using some natural oils like lavender oil or even jojoba oil. You simply massage your scalp with these oils, and you will find that your hair will start to grow back in no time at all.

You need to ensure that your hair follicles get enough oxygen and nutrients. As you massage your hair roots, the blood will flow into your scalp, nourishing your follicles.

Image by Franziska Ingold from Pixabay
Image by Franziska Ingold from Pixabay

Herbal Hair mask

You can use hair masks religiously. These herbal hair masks protect your hair from the environment. It is also an excellent way to get rid of dandruff which grows on your head. The best masks to use the ones containing Aloe Vera, Fenugreek, Shikakai or Heena.

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera has antibacterial properties, which is excellent for your hair. It is also an excellent conditioner. Make sure to apply it regularly and massage it deeply into your scalp. After each massage, be sure to rinse your hair with lukewarm water.

Vitamin supplements

You should also look for vitamins A, B, C, and E. Vitamin C and E are very helpful in increasing hair growth. You should use them to ensure that you are getting enough antioxidants in your diet to protect your hair from damage caused by free radicals.

So there you have it - the eight ways to grow your hair faster and healthy. Follow these tips religiously every single day, and you will be able to achieve faster hair growth without having to spend money on expensive hair treatments or hair transplants.

Just keep those things at the back of your mind, and you will soon see a long list of healthy and beautiful locks lining your forehead.