87-Year-Old Man Feeding Coronavirus-Infected Wife in Hospital is Breaking Hearts

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A video of an 87-year-old man feeding his coronavirus-infected wife food and water has gone viral on social media. The man was himself affected with the virus, which has claimed lives of hundreds of people.

The 18-second clip, shared by People’s Daily on February 12, has left netizens heartbroken. In the video, the man can be seen holding infusion bottle and feeding his wife. The man was also lodged in another ward of the hospital.

The post has garnered 2.9K likes and 669 retweets, apart from many comments. Replying to the post, netizens prayed for their speedy recovery.

Many users wished that the couple’s love be everlasting while some wrote that the post left them teary-eyed.

Some Twitter users also asked China to remain strong in these troubling times, when it is grappling with coronavirus.

Coronavirus, which is believed to be originated from a market in China’s Wuhan, has claimed over 1,300 lives across the country with almost 60,000 infected from the deadly virus.

World Health Organisation (WHO) on January 31 declared coronavirus a global emergency, amid the growing cases of the virus.

According to reports, the virus has spread to more than 20 countries across the world. India recently confirmed three cases of coronavirus with all the cases being reported from Kerala.