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1. Unexpected details.

The most stylish homes always pay really close attention to those small details that so many people overlook. We're talking about things like non-standard hardware, updated furniture legs and fancy additions, such as sculptural coving.

Credits: homify / MeyerCortez arquitetura & design

9 key things that stylish people have in their homes

We are shameless, when it comes to looking for easy techniques to inject instant style and glamour into our homes, and we like to think you're the same - so we've decided to put together a comprehensive list of must-haves for a wow-factor home! Interior designers are kings amongst men, when it comes to turning formerly understated or boring homes into undeniable havens of style and sophistication, and having spent a lot of time checking out some of their most successful projects, we've hit upon 9 key motifs that super cool homeowners always look to include in their properties. The best part is that we're going to tell you what they are, right now!