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Salman Khan

Everyone knows about Salman Khan's most trusted bodyguard, Shera. He is Bhai's right-hand man and is spotted besides him every single time, without fail. He first met Salman in 1995 at a party held for Hollywood star, Keanu Reeves. But it was Salman's brother Sohail who hired Shera to be Bhai's protector.

Most heavily guarded Bollywood celebrities

Bollywood actors and actresses are some of the most popular celebrities around the world, with hundreds of fans who love and adore them. When seen in public, many of these fans inch closer to take that one picture with their favourite celebrity. While it may be exciting for their fans, it can get pretty scary for the celebs themselves, to be surrounded by a crowd of people.

Which is why most of them come with their army of security and bodyguards. Here are some of the most popular bodyguards, along with some famous actors who require a whole lot of security when out in public.

Images by Yogen Shah