9 Remarkable Female Business Coaches You Should Follow on Instagram

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If you are thinking of starting or growing your existing business in 2021, here are 9 remarkable female business coaches you should definitely be following on Instagram:

1. Kelly Roach

Instagram: @KellyRoachOfficial

Flying the flag for female empowerment, Kelly Roach is a best-selling author and frequent guest on ABC, NBC, Fox and The CW as a business growth expert.

Her online coaching programme, ‘The Unstoppable Entrepreneur’, distinguishes itself by having not only business coaches, but accountability coaches.

In terms of taking action toward growth, accountability is huge. As a result, many of her students have managed to scale their businesses to seven figures and above, despite the complications of the COVID economy.

In her Instagram posts, Kelly addresses topics of failure, risk, sacrifice and marketing, offering actionable advice that she picked up along her way to the top.

2. Neeta Bhushan

Instagram: @NeetaBhushan

In her own words, a ‘Chi-town girl who grew up fast with some Filipino-Indian smarts combined with the school of hard knocks’.

Her own story is a story of overcoming adversities. She lost both parents to Cancer before the age of 19, left a toxic marriage of 8 years to rediscover herself as a leadership and emotional intelligence coach.

Tackling topics like fear of judgments, shame and failure, Neeta’s content has a feel-good flavour to it. If you have a personal story the world needs to hear, Neeta’s account will give you all the encouragement and inspiration to take the leap.

3. Amanda Abella

Instagram: @AmandaAbella

To level up with your sales check out the award-winning content creator, best-selling author and business coach, Amanda Abella.

Her journey started with a simple blog about ‘trying to figure out adulthood’ that eventually led her to a successful freelance writing career.

She hosts a successful podcast ‘The Make Your Money Honey Podcast’ and a vibrant online community of almost 100,000 people.

Having had her sales pitch rejected 60 times in just one month, Amanda has sampled the bitter sweet taste of failure and refused to give up, making her a truly inspirational and practical account to follow.

4. Abbey Gibb

Instagram: @AbbeyGibb

With over a million views on her TedX Talk ‘Share your Sh*t’ Abby is sure that everyone has a story. But almost nobody knows how to sell it.

Having been pitched 25 times a day for many years, Emmy award-winning TV journalist Abbey teaches how to master your signature story and convert it into a global brand. Abbey’s ‘mission is to help you make an impact with your message’. And then turn that message into a movement.

If you have a message that you wish to share with the world, particularly as a keynote speaker – Abbey’s Instagram account is a great place to start.

5. Shannon Stewart

Instagram: @ShannonHeth

Shannon’s unique approach to business coaching incorporates mindset, energy work and strategy.

Having worked since the age of 15, Shannon has overcome her fair share of setbacks. Once her Grandma had to bail her out from credit card debt. Another time she was made redundant by her job in social media marketing when she was 4 months pregnant with zero savings.

Her attitude towards all of this? When you fall down, you’ve just got to get back up and keep going.

What makes Shannon’s account particularly inspiring is her honest and straightforward mentality towards life, business and making money.

6. Artemis Scantalides

Instagram: @Artemis_Scantalides

Artemis once worked for Cirque Du Soleil and now she is a business coach for fitness professionals.

Artemis maintains that ‘there are no business problems, only personal problems.’

For this reason, Artemis says it is extremely important to build a deeper awareness of yourself, your strengths, your weaknesses and your own limitations, so that you can achieve focus of mind, clarity and inner strength.

No matter what your industry you will find much of her content useful. Whether its subjects such as content copy, sales or dealing with anxiety that you are looking for help with – Artemis tackles them all.

7. Demi Collier

Instagram: @YourBizCoachDemi

With a degree in business, an aesthetically-pleasing feed, Canadian small-town girl Demi helps you to get more clients through attraction marketing.

Demi identifies the four kinds of female business owners – ‘Negative Nancy, Give-up Gabby, Muddle-along Mary or Pioneer Penny’ – and gives strategies for moving towards a Pioneer Penny from any of the former three.

Demi has built a strong, solid community of female entrepreneurs. Reminding you that ‘you are goals’, Demi feels a bit like the supportive big sister that you never had. Her words hit hard when it comes to subjects like believing in yourself and feeling inferior to others.

8. Rose Radford

Instagram: @IamRoseRadford

Former McKinsey employee and TedX speaker Rose has a professional background in strategy consulting.

With a 6-figure online business that she built from scratch, Rose discovered that the income gap between male and female led businesses is even bigger than the corporate salary gap. This discovery led Rose to make it her mission to empower female business owners.

Her Instagram posts go to the heart of money mindset issues, pricing your stuff and selling. If you want some no-bullsh*t inspiration to shoot for the moon and really make it to the top – check her account for some harsh-but-helpful reminders.

9. Kellsie Moore

Instagram: @Kellsie_Moore

Kellsie is focused on helping entrepreneurs utilise video to its full potential.

Kellsie’s personal story is rather inspiring. She was working in a male corrections facility and miserable in her job when she realised that it didn’t have to be her future. She worked hard on her marriage, her health and her happiness, invested heavily in studying business strategy and eventually gave birth to ‘Be Marvelous You’.

With practical and helpful tips on things like improving your on-screen energy, performing well under pressure, technical equipment and storytelling, if you are looking to up your video game this year, give Kellsie a follow.

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