About 90% aspiring actors don’t have work, they spend their whole life giving auditions: Ram Kapoor

Ram Kapoor who has managed to create his own loyal base of fan following whether it is films, TV or digital work. With more than two decades of work in the industry the actor during an interview with Hindustan Times revealed he is happy with the way things are and the fame that he had garnered over the years. He also reminisced his struggling days, and said it is even harder today.

When talking about his early struggles as an actor, Ram Kapoor said at times he didn’t have work for 6 months at a time but now if he wants to he can even take a year off. “During the initial five to eight years of my career, I was just one more name out of thousands. There were times when I didn’t have any work for six months and wasn’t making enough money. But, I transformed my situation and made it big for me.”

Ram also went on to share how it is now for a struggling actor, he revealed some numbers and stated, “It’s extremely tough, especially for aspiring actors to get work. Apparently, about 90 percent of them don’t have any work. They spend their whole life giving auditions. I think a mere two percent manage to make a successful career.”

Ram Kapoor recently made headlines for his drastic transformation. He shared a before and after image of himself post weight loss journey on social media. The post received a lot of support from fans and fellow industry members.

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