92-Year-Old UK Twins Reunite After a Year of Separation Due to Covid-19 Pandemic

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What if coronavirus separates you from everything especially from the family you love, or from your beloved wife who is a supporting pillar till your last. Here one such instance where a devoted twin brother and sister isolated themselves for the first time to their individual homes for more than a year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The 92-Years-Old Minnie and Patrick Speed from Hull, East Yorkshire has spent their entire life together and this is the first time they were separated when the coronavirus crisis hit last year. Both of them moved to Saltshouse Haven care home in Hull. Minnie was in the Meaux unit and Patrik was on the Bilton Lodge unit, both of them were not allowed to see each other due to the strict Covid-19 protocol in order to curb the virus.

Finally, both the siblings were allowed to see each other in the care home’s garden after they had both taken Covid vaccination, HullLive Reported.

The twins are happily married and have spent their entire life together apart from the two years when Patrik went to war during World War Two.

In a tear-jerking video, the close-knit siblings finally reunited by throwing arms around each other and hold hands for the first time in more than a year. In the clip, Patrik walks over to his sister with the help of a nurse and both of them emotionally kissed each other with a warm embrace as they finally see each other physically as a person.

While speaking about that precious moment, Minnie said: “He cried when he saw me, both of us are just happy to see each other again.”

In response to this Patrick said, “We always lived close together, we worked together, except when I was posted to India. We were born together and we back together,” Daily Mail reported.

The uplifting moment was filmed by the care home’s Activity Coordinator Sarah Patrick.

“The close-knit siblings are looking forward to spending more time together in the sunshine,” says Sarah Patrick.

Sarah also described their reunion as the most emotional things that she had seen in a long time. She also said that the three staff member at the care home were in tears after seeing this emotional moment.

“It was just a lovely moment full of joy and happiness,” She added.

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