9X Tashan Lockdown Special- Episode 3 With Karan Aujla

9X Tashan has created a special Lockdown Series with many popular artistes from Punjab. In the third episode of the 9X Tashan Lockdown Special, we have the Punjabi Prodigy Karan Aujla, who’s known for his hits like “Don’t Look”, “Chitta Kurta”, “Jhanjhar” and “Red Eyes”, among others. Currently in Canada spending time at his farm, Karan talks to us despite having some serious connection issues and tells us how he’s not too good at cooking food on his own. Karan also talks about his willingness to collaborate with world-famous Rapper 50 Cent, his inspiration behind writing music and how his spirit to write new songs is undeterred by the on-going lockdown. All this and lots more- only on 9X Tashan Lockdown Special!

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Don't Look (Rehaan Records)

RIM vs JHANJAR (Royal Music Gang)


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