9XM SoundcastE- Episode 26 With Prakriti Kakkar & Sukriti Kakkar

Host Eva Bhatt is joined by the super confident, zesty, ��twin’ singers – Prakriti Kakkar and Sukriti Kakkar. Together, they chat about their unusual journey from Delhi to Mumbai, their training in music and their constant effort to challenge themselves as artists. They talk about their single Mafiyaan and sing some of their personal favourites in this episode. They also share some cool tips for aspiring singers. Soak in their positive, infectious energy and get recharged!

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Universal - ‘Mafiyaan’

T-Series – ‘Subah Subah’, ‘Pehli Baar’ & ‘Gazab Ka Hai Din’

Eros – ‘Jugni’

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