A former controversial cricketer dating an actress with shady past

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A passionate affair between a controversial former Indian cricketer and an ex-Bollywood actress notorious for her shady connections has set tongues wagging in upper crust social circles. The cricketer, a former Indian captain, was highly successful in his heyday and was often marked out for his fondness for Armani suits and expensive watches. He married twice but both times the relationship ended in divorce.

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The actress in question, who starred in a few hit Bollywood songs in the mid-1990s, has had a murky past and was jailed for her connection with criminals.

The couple met few months ago at the wedding of the cricketer's son and since then they've been spending a lot of time together. Before the lockdown, they were even spotted at common friends' homes. For now, both have told their close confidants that they're just 'friends' and are still in the ‘process of exploring each other’ — whatever that means!

Any guesses who the couple is?