Aadith Sasi - The lad soon going to step in the Bollywood industry with his own production house

Production houses are the soul of Bollywood movies, some of the renowned producers have come up with big block buster projects another name to add on is of the young talented lad Aadith Sasi.

Aadith Sasi is a young serial entrepreneur who has been into the digital marketing niche since he was 15 years old. He kick started his own first website selling company called "Xpacmedia". The results of his efforts and hardwork are commendable because the turnover of his company was 1Million$ in the span of 3 years only. Presently, he is working on a websit brokering platform called Flipziti and they help clients to find the best deals in selling their online assets and for online investors by getting them the value for money.

His work and the results are enough to justify the efforts he is putting out right over there. But his expansionary envision made him to step in into Bollywood industry. Soon he is going to produce a Bollywood movie, under his own production house. His investment plans apart from digital niche made him to invest in one of the elite industry of our country.

From providing best services to clients in digital marketing to investment plans in Bollywood industry he is laying the foundation of a success journey and is ready to hit the milestone. Thus, becoming an epitome for many of us. For his successful future plans we wish him Good Luck.