Aamir Khan To Cut Off From The World; Decides To Switch Off His Phone

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Everyone has an addiction, perfectionist Aamir Khan is no different. As per reports in IANS, the actor’s spokesperson has shared the actor being addicted to his phone, but he has decided to go on a detox mode. As per reports, the actor will be turning off his phone, in order to avoid disturbance in his personal and professional life. The reports also revealed in case of any emergency one should get in touch with his manager. This will be followed by the actor till the release of Laal Singh Chaddha.

The source was quoted saying, “Aamir feels that he is addicted by his cellphone and that's impacting his personal and professional space. Hence, he has decided to go incognito and operate like in the older days.” Adding further, the source informs, “all his close confidantes to reach out to his manager in case of urgency or work-related queries. Even his social media accounts now will be managed by the team until the release of Laal Singh Chaddha.”

The actor’s spokesperson also shared that after taking a break from the shooting schedule from Laal Singh Chaddha, Khan shot for a cameo in his friend Amin Hajee’s for debut directorial venture, Koi Jaane Na in Jaipur. Aamir is back in town and will finish filming Laal Singh Chaddha. He will then proceed for post-production work, to get the film all set for its release in Christmas 2021.

As per our reports, the actor is likely to play Guru Dutt onscreen, to be helmed by Bhavna Talwar, the source was quoted saying, “Bhavna has been actively working on the Guru Dutt bio-pic for years now. Her tireless toil is complete. She will soon begin filming.”

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