Aamir Khan finally shares the tale of his first unrequited love after Twitter forces him

moumita bhattacharjee
Aamir Khan surely loves his fans and this video is a proof. His fans were going crazy imagining when did he fall in love first and here he is sharing it with all of them.

A couple of minutes ago, we told you that Twitter was going mad asking Aamir Khan to reveal his first love. He had tweeted, “Hey guys, listening to my song Pehla Nasha on Valentine’s Day! Ideal song for this day :-). And, I must say it’s one of my own favourites. Wishing all of you a happy Valentine’s Day! Love. a.” That made all his fans ask him just one question, ‘What was your pehla nasha?’ They even made #AamirKaPehlaNasha the top trend on Twitter. Guess that compelled Aamir Khan to share his first love story. He posted a  video of him narrating the tale and it’s damn cute. (Also read: Aamir Khan reveals his favourite Valentine’s Day track but Twitter wants to know only about #AamirKaPehlaNasha)

It all happened in a tennis coaching class, where Aamir first saw this girl and fell instantly for her. He revealed how he was besotted by her. In fact, he even drew parallels between a line from the song and what he felt during those days. He didn’t have the courage to tell her but then he was just 10 years old! However, it helped him in one way – his tennis got better. But there was no happy ending to this story. Check out the video right here…

Aamir Khan surely loves his fans and this video is a proof. They were going crazy to know about his first love and now that Aamir has revealed it, they will certainly heave a sigh of relief.