Aaryiki Sewal- a young girl on a mission that no child is left abandoned

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Aaryiki Sewal is a name that always pops up when it comes to supporting orphan children in India. With thousands of campaigns running and crores of revenue flowing purely with an intention to help orphans is worth mentioning. She has even created her platform to support orphans and others in a stronger way.

Her inspiration to work for orphans can be traced back to when she was a young girl interning with an NGO, working for the upliftment of orphans. She was staggered to observe that there were hundreds of kids who are devoid of basic necessities of life. She understood that while she was complaining about not being able to live a luxurious life, there are children who don’t even own one percent of what she had.

Based in Gurgaon, Aaryiki utilized her good fortune of having a privileged lifestyle to help children living in orphanages. She started doing fundraisers through crowdfunding and generated about a lac rupees. She harnessed this amount to provide food, clothes and books to children.

Aaryiki is presently a Grade-12 student and studying in The Shri Ram School, Aravali Gurgaon. She is continuously working on various campaigns to help abandoned kids and plans to pursue her calling in the future as well. When talking about her inspiration to do such good work she said, “ My mother Shivani Sewal is my inspiration, despite being a Real Estate professional and a busy woman, she gives equal time to me to nurture my passion and help the needy one.” Aaryiki appreciates how her mother balances both her professional and personal life and wishes to be like her one day. This mother- daughter duo is breaking stereotypes of gender role, profession, time management and age with their good work, both for their family and for needy people.

India alone has more than 20 million orphan children and basic necessities like food and shelter are not provided to most of them. As a result, these kids often end up being malnutritioned as well. Education and medical assistance is a luxury for these children. Aaryiki’s role in their upliftment is commendable. She has been working rigorously to increase the number of fundraisers, so that she is able to reach more and more such destitutes.

In the coming times she aims to attain more with her good work. She wants to organise more fundraisers for the welfare of orphan children and appeal to others to contribute as per their capacity.