Abhinav Srihan via NGO Fauna Police Safeguard Animals in Distress

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Holding a wide account of knowledge about wildlife species, both Indian and exotic, Abhinav Srihan is the founder of NGO Fauna Police and Dog’s Inn which caters to the welfare of the flora and fauna in the country. Expertise in conservation techniques, aviary designing, and wildlife trade, the animal lover has undertaken many rescue operations lending aids to a wide variety of animals in distress.

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Abhinav restored innumerable birds and safeguarded them from illicit bondage, unkempt in little confines, and disposed of by unfeeling proprietors. He leads salvage programs, taking care of, and movement activity of creatures during Uttarakhand torrent calamity with the group of nearby government authorities and rescuers. Instrumental in halting illicit butchering of many goats, pigeons, and also, wild oxen at Gadhimai sanctuary in Nepal and Kamakhya sanctuary in Guwahati, Assam.

Additionally, he directed examinations of ownership of illicit natural life sold through creature markets, like the ones at Mehboob chowk in Telangana, Nakhaas in Lucknow, Parade Bazar in Kanpur, Chota Masjid in Gorakhpur, Sonepur Mela and numerous such exchange focuses.

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Owing to the love he has for animals, Abhinav Srihan says, “A little empathy towards animals is indispensable. We all are responsible to have compassion towards them. Dominating the ones who are simply weak doesn’t bring any good and through NGO Fauna Police, we attempt to make all those innocent ones feel safe in this environment.” He has worked on issues like bull riding, poultry farms, dog fighting, and animal battles with organizations like TRAFFIC at the World Wildlife Fund, Humane Society International, and World Animal Protection, as well as serving as a government-nominated inspector for investigations of dairy farms in Delhi.

Abhinav has also professed as a consultant investigator, filmmaker, and former media professional who holds an advanced diploma in MultiMedia. He has been the former co-opted member of the Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI), Former Animal welfare officer, AWBI Former Member, and 1st Delhi State Advisory Board for Animal Welfare.