Abhishek Bachchan Stopped Doing Films With Intimate Scenes After Aaradhya Came Into His Life

Srushti Jayadev
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Abhishek Bachchan revealed in a recent interview that he has lost roles because of a no-intimate-scene policy which he brought into effect after his daughter Aaradhya came into his life. He shared that becoming a father made him change his professional outlook.

When Abhishek was asked by film critic Rajeev Masand, if parenthood has changed anything, the former said, "I know it has changed one thing. There are certain kinds of films and scenes I'm not comfortable doing anymore. I would not want to do anything in which my daughter would feel uncomfortable or something that she'd question me about, saying 'hey what's going on here?'"

"I'm thankful for it, because as it is, I was very uncomfortable doing romantic scenes. So I'm not comfortable doing any intimate scenes, and I'd rather not," he added.

Abhishek revealed that he does not do films with too much physical intimacy. "I say that to my directors before signing on, that if there's a scene which has a lot of physical intimacy, that's something I'm not willing to do, so you have a choice," he said.

He continued, "If they say this is integral to my storytelling and they really can't wrap their heads around doing it in a differently aesthetic way, then I say 'look, you have a choice, I'm very happy to bow out'."

When asked if he has lost projects because of this, Abhishek said, "Yes, and that's fine. No regrets, because I had a creative point of view, and the producer-director have a creative point of view, and they didn't want to compromise on that and I completely respect that, and it's perfectly fine."

Abhishek is all set to make his digital debut with the Amazon Prime web series Breathe: Into The Shadows.

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