Link-able: a Powerful SEO/PR Platform to Gain Popularity in the Market by Connecting Brands with Authors


In this era of digital marketing, it’s becoming easier to build a brand and gain visibility for your business. This is because there are more and more individual experts available for hire and you no longer need to contract with expensive agencies.

For many entrepreneurs and businesses in the early startup phase, it may have appeared well and good for you to deal with digital marketing. Afterall, who better to realize your own brand voice and tone than yourself? However, with 101 different things to do on your checklist, time gets short and you’ll need to delegate. Contracting with an agency is the traditional route, but why not work with expert freelancers instead? helps you accomplish this.   

Link-able is a unique platform that smartly connects website owners with elite authors who can outreach and guest blog on high authority sites, building custom backlinks for SEO and PR.  

The concept is simple. Link-able allows businesses to acquire targeted backlinks by hiring individual specialists who have strong SEO, marketing, and writing expertise. This platform will connect you with the right freelance talent you need to get relevant backlinks that help you accomplish your SEO and PR goals. 

The best part of the platform is that you can work with a variety of first-class authors with extraordinary portfolios. These are all authors who have been published on many of the top sites, including Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, Wired, Techcrunch, Mashable, and so on. 

Using these established authors to write and strategically build links to your site will give you an edge. Here’s how it works:

You post a project on Link-able (think of it like a job posting) that lets authors know a little bit about your site, your marketing goals, and the type of backlinks you’re looking to build. Writers who write about similar topics and industries would then be able to apply to your project, offering to build relevant links. Then, you simply choose the freelance talent you want to work with.

Since these writers have experience and associations with editors, they can more effectively get guest posts published on your behalf. 

Why go freelance?

One of the most significant pieces to building a fruitful business is ensuring that you have a solid marketing approach. Who you decide to build your internet marketing strategy will have a significant effect. 

As mentioned above, expert freelancers are making digital marketing easier. These days, the number of freelancers is growing fast. Within the United States alone, 35% of Americans freelanced in 2018. In only five years, this number developed 7%, from 53 million individuals to 56.7 million. In that equivalent time range, the non-independent workforce just developed by 2%, from 103 million individuals to 105.3 million. 

This growth is primarily being driven by younger generations, with 47% of working millennials currently freelancing – more than any other generation. Furthermore, more millennials are beginning to freelance full-time, proposing that is getting, even more, a direction for living than only a money related enhancement. 

When Payoneer examined where most freelancers search for work, what they discovered was fascinating. Evidently, most specialists (73%) are going to online marketplaces to find clients.  

The second most regular way, utilized by 33% of freelancers, is to discover clients through verbal exchange or referrals. Other well-known techniques incorporate web-based social networking channels and recruitment firms. If you are just starting out, it’s best to try a number of different platforms to see what works for you.

Utilizing marketplaces like Link-able makes link building and PR easier than ever. Hiring personal freelancers can be a great option compared to an agency. Various competent freelancers can easily help fill the gaps your company has in staff, workload or skills. 

Here’s the various benefits:

  • Cost-effective rates: Freelance authors set their own rates, which are often reasonable. They base it on the type of article you give them and the site it goes for. They have no overhead costs to consider when naming their prices. Basically, you are hiring a person who has direct access or author to the site, unlike an agency acting as an intermediator. 
  • Specialized skills: Authors sell the sites they are good at. They often specialize in particular niches and focus on it. You can assure that the real author is handling your project.
  • Allows you to hire multiple authors at the same time: If you need multiple authors for a variety of niches, you can hire and manage them all. This is perfect for creatives and marketing projects that don’t need regular updating.
  • Involvement with the creative process: Since you can directly communicate with your authors, you can be involved in the whole process. This will lessen future problems and unsatisfying results. If anything is unclear, the author can ask you questions and you can answer right away.

Whether you are searching for work or looking to hire, freelancing platforms are unquestionably a methodology to consider.





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