Which actor could be the next James Bond 007?

Pranav Dixit
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Which actor could be the next James Bond 007?
Which actor could be the next James Bond 007?

02 May 2021: Which actor could be the next James Bond 007?

Did you know the next James Bond flick, No Time to Die, was supposed to release this April?

That's right!

Had the pandemic not played spoilsport, we would have seen Daniel Craig portraying the suave and charming agent 007 again. To note, this is his last Bond outing.

So, while we wait for its release, let's take a look at his apt replacements, shall we?

Idris Elba: Idris Elba: Thor's Heimdall to Luther to Bond - interesting!

English actor Idris Elba has been one of the marked favorites for portraying agent 007 since long.

The Luther actor has previously deliberated over the prospect of playing Bond but hasn't confirmed anything.

"I know the rumors about Bond have always chased me," he had said in an interview.

Some of his famous films include Pacific Rim, Beasts of No Nation, and Molly's Game.

Tom Hiddleston: God of Mischief definitely has the charm of Bond

Loki star Tom Hiddleston is not confirmed to play Bond, but is already nervous about the responsibility of handling such an iconic character.

"I've suddenly become very aware of what I'm saying," he said in a recent interview.

Separately, his Disney+ series Loki is all set to premiere on June 11, where he will be reprising the role of one of MCU's favorite villains.

Regé-Jean Page: Will the Duke of Hastings be the next agent 007?

Let's admit, Bridgerton breakout star Regé-Jean Page has the refined style of Craig's Bond.

It is being reported that Page was offered a hefty sum to continue on the hit Netflix series but he turned it down, so now his Bond prospects are at an all-time high.

The English actor is also known for his role in ABC's legal drama For The People.

Tom Hardy: Tom Hardy: From Marvel's Venom to being the suave Bond

Tom Hardy.

The name is enough to get consent from ardent Bond fans because his film repertoire and BO speak for themselves.

Before the pandemic struck, his last film was Venom, and we all know the phenomenon it created.

What's more, he physically resembles author Ian Fleming's idea of Bond.

Last year, reports suggested the enigmatic English actor was being considered for replacing Craig.

Henry Cavill: Did you know? Superman actually auditioned for Bond's role

Classically handsome English actor Henry Cavill actually auditioned for the Bond role back in 2005, but Craig won that round.

He has matured as an actor since then and has some big box office hits under his belt too, which make him a perfect fit this time around.

Besides Superman, Cavill is also known for playing the lead in the fantasy series The Witcher.

Lashana Lynch: How about a woman as the next James Bond?

English actress Lashana Lynch, known for Captain Marvel, may just beat out all men for playing Bond, according to Daily Mail.

Some insiders say that she may take over the 007 moniker, but only for one film.

Even ex-Bond star Pierce Brosnan had backed this idea. In 2019, he had said, "Get out of the way, guys, and put a woman up there."