Actress Matylda Bajer on What Keeps Her Motivated

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Matylda Bajer is a renowned actress and social media fitness influencer. The Polish talent is all set to win people's hearts with her new UK-South Indian movie called A Beautiful Breakup. Her fans and admirers are eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Even Bajer is excited and has expressed her joy towards music maestro Ilaiyaraaja composing the music for the film. The actress calls him a legend and can't wait for people to witness the magic he has created with his music.

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Along with being a wonderful actress, the Polish star is also a well-known social media influencer. She is a fitness enthusiast and often expresses her love for workout and a healthy lifestyle on her Instagram page. Matylda Bajer never misses out on a chance to work out regularly and also follows healthy eating habits.

Being an actress and also a social media influencer can be taxing at times. But Matylda Bajer loves her profession and always wants to keep giving her best. However, there are days when every person needs some motivation to go through the day. Even Bajer has such days in her life.

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When the actress was asked what keeps her motivated, she revealed, "Morning coffee, clear goals, awareness: time flies, we only get one shot at this life. I have broken quite a few stereotypes and made decisions that were not necessarily understood by my surroundings but I never wanted to get stuck in place. Remembering where I started and how I managed to grow helps too, makes me realise that so much more can be done."

Matylda Bajer further adds, "I have a very, very limited circle of people around and usually whoever I spend time with are inspirational people, in different ways. Definitely who we surround ourselves with can either motivate and encourage us or drag us down."

The actress has worked hard to reach this stage in her career. When everyone was uncertain about when things will be okay during the lockdown, Matylda Bajer dedicated her time to working out. As a result, her love for exercising grew, and her followers also got inspired by seeing her dedication.

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