Actress Sara Arfeen Khan’s Unique Instagram Filter puts you ‘In the Limelight’

Maithili Shinde
·1-min read

At the start of the New Year, actress Sara Arfeen Khan releases her unique Instagram Filter called ‘In the Limelight’ where users get to experience their own paparazzi moment.

Shedding light on the filter Sara said, “Since Instagram Filters are the new things and everybody enjoys using them, I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have my own filter. Being an actress where you are in the limelight and often clicked, I wanted my fans to have that experience for themselves.”

“The filter is called ‘In the Limelight’, and unlike other filters which are mostly focused on makeup effects, this filter has an effect of paparazzi clicking pictures of you. Now everyone can have their moment in the limelight and feel no less than a celebrity,” added Sara.

Sara used her filter for the first time in Dubai with Naina Mansukhani Tannaz Irani also used it in her Instagram stories captioning it as ‘sleeping beauty caught on camera’.

The actress who is also an avid painter hinted at coming out with a series of other unique filters in the near future. Have you tried the filter yet?